In The Beginning

In the beginning, there is me – Allyssa – a lone blogger traveling out into the world on newborn, wobbly legs. It’s a lot like Bambi, really. Ya know, minus the forest friends and dead mom. Also that I’m not a deer (though it could be argued I’m a dear!).

pinkie pie ba dum tss

Okay, okay, enough with the puns already! Sheesh, it’s only the first post, and already I can sense your eye-rolling!

Basically, I’ve thought a long time about making a blog. After all, they seem like a great place for people to say things, and since I am people and I have things to say, perfect match! When I got to thinking of what I would want to blog about though, I took pause. What drives me in life? Then it hit me! Cooking and nerdery! I’ve said again and again to friends I wanted to make a healthy cooking blog, and then I realized, “Why can’t healthy food and nerdery go together!?” I totally think they should! Actually, if I’m any indication, I think they totally do. I decided today was a great day to take the plunge! After all, it’s my birthday, so what better way to commemorate another trip around the sun than by finally doing something I’ve wanted to for so long?

So what should you expect from Slice of Nerd? Yummy food that more often than not attempts health and nutrition, and nerdery – mostly video games, but I guarantee other kinds will slip in. I already have the first recipe primed and ready to go! Unfortunately, that will have to wait until another day as it is quite late and there’s this lovely thing called sleep that I must do! Until next time!




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