REmaster, REplay, REpeat

So for those of you that read my review of Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, you know how over the moon I was with it. Which naturally meant that when I swapped over to the OG RE, I had some pretty high expectations. Everything started out great, but just as the scenarios in this series happen, it all went down hill quick.

I started out by picking my character. I, of course, went with Jill. One could argue that, “Hey! Allyssa! You’ve already beaten this game with Jill before! Why don’t you show Chris some love?” Whoever argues that would have a point, but it is a point I will blatantly ignore. First of all, female representation in the house! Second of all, for science! After all, I’ve played as Jill back on GameCube, so what better way to compare? Anyway! I digress! There was what seemed an exciting new aspect, in that I could play as either traditional RE1 Jill or as Jill as she appeared in… Ya know, one of those other games where she was in BSAA. Gamer fail, I know, but I’m struggling to keep my RE side games straight here, people! It’s getting excessive! I considered picking BSAA Jill, but I ultimately went with traditional Jill for nostalgia purposes. I then moved on to pick my difficulty! Which… This was probably in the GameCube version, but it’s been awhile so I’m foggy on that. Either way, you pick your difficulty by deciding how you like to walk. Yeah, you heard me. Do you want a leisurely stroll, an easy hike, or a…. I forget what they called the last one. I, foolishly, thought this was Easy, Medium, and Hard, and as such went with middle of the road. Yeah, no, that was Easy. Other options were Very Easy and Normal. Hard comes later. I also stuck with the wide screen and updated controls so that I could give an accurate review of this remaster.

So remember how much I bragged on the appearance of 0? I have no such bragging on this. Immediately, it really didn’t look much different than the GameCube release from 2002.

This is what they consider HD…

Guys! That was fourteen years ago! That’s a problem to me. If they’re going to market a game as an HD remaster, maybe they should actually make it look HD? Now, there are definitely some things that look better, don’t get me wrong. Some of the backgrounds are nice and shiny, and the item screen looks nice.

Barry’s facial hair ain’t lookin’ too bad, either.

I tried so hard not to be a negative Nancy about this release, I really did (though if you look at my notes you may claim otherwise), but I basically spent this whole game so super underwhelmed!

That isn’t to say that I didn’t have fun. It’s Resident Evil, of course I did! And I will give credit where credit is do, and some of the trophies were pretty fun!

Killing Hunters is exciting enough, but then I get quippy trophies? Love!
Yes, this is a trophy for dying. My exact notes say, “Well shit.”

I also completely appreciate that some things really didn’t change that much.

If you ever change the camp of this first zombie, I will be very upset with you, Capcom!

So let’s be real here for a second. Do I love Resident Evil? Of course! Did I have fun playing this game? Totally! Is it still incredibly creepy at times? So much! Do I have any complaints about the mechanics? No! I actually even got used to the updated controls, which were something I had a huge issue with when playing 0. For the most part, it runs beautifully. I say for the most part because it also does this awful loading screen whenever I saved, and it really took me out of the game experience. It also did it a couple of times between cutscenes? But it usually only happened when I was streaming my gameplay, so it may have had to do with that (though I didn’t run into that while doing the same with 0).

My complaint is that this has been marketed as an HD Remaster, and it just didn’t feel HD to me. I even checked out how BSAA Jill looks to see if that made a difference. Spoiler: I didn’t.

I feel like this looks even worse!

To me, other than the controls, there is absolutely nothing different about this version from the GameCube version I already own. My advice? If you want a version for your current gen system, go ahead and shell out the money. And honestly, the Resident Evil Origins edition is worth it for 0 alone, so it evens out in my opinion. However, if you don’t want RE0 and don’t care about having to go over to your GameCube to play some old fashioned Resident Evil, this isn’t worth it. The shiny “HD” they tack on doesn’t just make it so.


P.S. If you care to see the streams of my gameplay, you can check them out here, here, and here.


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