Spring is Trying to Sprung

I’ve definitely been feeling out of balance lately. Part of that is my own fault, part is the fault of circumstances beyond my control, but all of it is within my control to own and fix.

First off, I definitely haven’t been eating like I should. I went from healthy, healthy almost all the time to LET ME SEE HOW MUCH PROCESSED, SUGARY CRAP I CAN STUFF IN MY MOUTH IN A DAY!!!

usagi stuffing face
A 100% accurate depiction of me this past week.


Well, jokes on me! I apparently forgot that I eat healthy not just because it’s a thing I should do, but also because given my health issues, it’s something I absolutely have to do. I guess I’d been too good for too long and I forgot how miserable life is on the other side. It also didn’t help that I’ve been tired and under the weather and so, so super busy, and who wants to take the time to eat healthy when they’re any of those things? Especially when it’s so much easier to just grab some junk out of a bag?

You know what else hasn’t helped this downward spiral? Not working out for basically a whole week! Daily yoga keeps me working like a well-oiled machine – from healthy food choices to better sleep schedules, all the way to better mental health. So you know what I apparently thought it was a great idea to not do for a week? That’s right, daily yoga. Now, in my defense, I’ve been under the weather, never mind that daylight savings just completely messed up my circadian rhythm. I couldn’t wake up early enough to squeeze in morning yoga to save my life! Part of this was also control freak tendencies creeping in. I’ve made a lot of leap and bounds in controlling my neuroses in the past few months, but hey, I’m human. You know what being human means? It means not being perfect. And since I am in the middle of a power yoga program this month, and I couldn’t possibly do that while feeling like I have, my brain couldn’t get over the hurdle of deviating from the program to do some more restorative stuff in the mean time. I am not beating myself up for this, though. Instead, I’m accepting that I needed a break, and today I finally jumped back in with both feet (quite literally, since there was jumping involved in today’s practice). A forty-seven minute cardio yoga practice in which I took no additional breaks! Go me!

However, like I said, I’ve been out of balance. Without yoga and healthy eating (which feed into each other, and it’s very difficult for me to maintain one without the other), the rest of my life sort of devolved into clutter as well. My room is a mess, I have no schedule for anything, never mind that there’s a new puppy in the house to throw everything into even more chaos!

Yesterday was the first day of spring, despite what the winter temperatures here in Alabama would have us believe, but it passed with little fanfare. I did no cleaning, no cooking, no nothing except playing with the puppy and getting shamefully addicted to Final Fantasy Type-0.

Another accurate portrayal


But today is a new day!

Journeys start with a first step, sure, but so do continuations of journeys we’ve already been on. No one can walk forever, and we all have to take a break from time-to-time. I think that may be the biggest mental hurdle I’ve overcome in the past couple of years – the not falling apart at not being perfect thing. So today, the day after the first day of spring, is the day I get back to my journey and get back to me. It started with a fairly healthy breakfast, and will continue with mindful eating, which will hopefully translate into those healthy recipes I’ve been promising for well over a month now. After powering through my yoga this morning, I feel confident enough to keep with the program I committed myself to for the month of March (and now on into April because I went on the side quest of laziness and sickness). Gaming and reviews will hopefully recommence at a more reasonable pace instead of complete binges that take away from time I should be doing other things. There’s some spring cleaning in store, in which I plan to use some tips from the ever awesome Pretty Nerdery. We’re even getting the puppy on a schedule, go us!

giselle cleaning.gif

So happy spring my loves, and look forward to hopefully more ( and less sporadic) content from Slice of Nerd! You guys go do you! And hopefully the weather will join us in enjoying the spring time soon! Just, ya know, maybe it can leave some of the pollen at home. Based on the layer of it under the layer of frost on my car this morning, I think we’ve got enough for now.



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