March 2016 Check-In

March didn’t wind up being the font of productivity I had hoped for. Between real life responsibilities, conventions, a new puppy, and intermitent bouts of incapacitation due to tree sex, I’ve been struggling for time.

Unfortunately, most everything I cooked either wasn’t very original or just wasn’t good.


Gaming wise, I spent a lot of time playing demos. I did play Layers of Fear, which was a quick jaunt of scary fun, but since then, my time has been focused on Final Fantasy Type-0, which while surprisingly a lot of fun, is definitely not short (though still shorter than other JRPGs, so there’s that) nor is it new. I may or may not finish it before the month is over. I’m on the second-to-last chapter, but if I’m honest, I probably won’t have time to beat it until this weekend. Other productivity for this month included the first part of spring cleaning and reorganization.

What is there to look forward to in April, you ask? Well, first of all, two games I actually pre-ordered come out! Stories: The Path of Destinies comes out on 4/12. Should I have necessarily pre-ordered it? Eh, that’s debatable, but I knew I wanted to play it, and it was on sale through Sony, so I figured I’d save a little money this way. Then, because the universe has no respect for my time-management, just three days later (that’s on 4/15, for you numerically challenged), Bravely Second comes out. Beef with the demo aside, I’m pumped for this game and will drop everything I’m doing to play it!

I’d had lofty ambitions for March, and I should have known better, given my relationship with pollen.


I apologize for the overwhelming amount of zilch that has gone on this month. April has some games I’m super excited about coming out, but I’m making no promises this time. Better to under-promise and succeed than to over-promise and flop, right?


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