A Demo for the People! – Final Fantasty XV Platinum Demo impression

To go along with the announcement of Final Fantasy XV‘s release date, a prequel anime, and a movie, Square Enix has finally released a demo the is downloadable to everyone instead of the few who sprung for (the highly under-rated) Final Fantasy Type-0. And Oh. My. GOD!!!!!! IT IS THE CUTEST STINKING THING EVER!

Platinum Demo features a young Noctis trying to escape a coma with the help of the cutest freaking summon known to nerd-kind, Carbuncle.

Seriously, I don’t care who you are, bunny-foxes are adorable to all!

Carbuncle can’t talk, so it communicates with Noctis via text message, and I’ve honestly never found emojis more endearing.



Okay, okay, right! I hear you- enough squeeing. Let’s talk technical!

I’ll start with graphics because it’s Square Enix, and as such, I’ll always think that’s a good place to start. The graphics in Platinum Demo are supposed to be final game level, so basically what we see here is what we’ll get come September. That thought in mind, they went all out in making sure we saw all different kinds of atmospheres in this relatively short demo. The game looks gorgeous, and many of the visibility issues I had in Episode Duscae seem to no longer be a problem. I ran around in light, in dark, in sun, and in rain, and never once did I have a moment similar to the ones I had in the previous demo where it was nearly completely impossible to see.


The control scheme seems to make a lot more sense in this one too, as compared to the previous demo, especially when it comes to combat. In Episode Duscae, there was just so much stuff! It was overwhelming, and as a result, combat felt super clunky and hard to really delve into. Platinum Demo, very thankfully, does not suffer from the same problem. The controls seem much more streamlined, and without losing much of what was demonstrated in Episode Duscae. Now granted, due to the simplicity of the situation in Platinum Demo versus that of Episode Duscae, combat could still prove clunky. There are a few mechanics that were presented in Duscae that could not possibly be presented in Platinum, and I highly doubt that means they’ve done away with them completely. Thankfully, however, most of those mechanics were not the ones that tripped me up. I’m still withholding complete faith in the combat system until the finished game, though.

Noctis turned into an alligator creature! It wasn’t super effective in combat though…


I’m not going to get much into story here because A) it’s a demo, and B) it’s a fairly simple one. I will say that it definitely worked to endear me to Noctis more, and there are definitely some heartwarming moments. Had I taken the time to stream this experience, you would have pretty much just heard a bunch of “Aaaaaawwwwwwwww’s”. It’s also fairly short, though you can amp up your play time a little if you fully explore everything. I find this to definitely be in Platinum Demo‘s favor, though. Duscae had felt very long and tedious, especially for a demo. Platinum Demo is a perfectly portioned, delicious bite of what the potential for this game is. It also is its own stand-alone story which won’t be featured in the game proper, which I, personally, think keeps things from being stale. That said, I actually wouldn’t mind replaying that section again in the final game. It was cute and fun, and it definitely didn’t take itself too seriously.

Driving a Tonka Truck! Dreams do come true!


Whereas Episode Duscae had somehow managed to dull the excitement I have hung onto for somewhere close to a decade, Platinum Demo did a stellar job at reigniting that passion and more! I highly recommend playing it if you think you will be getting FFVX. No, seriously, go play it. It’s the only way for you to get Carbuncle in your game! And who doesn’t want the cutest summon this side of Gaia/Spira/Ivalice/Pulse/Whatever-The-Heck-This-World-Will-Be-Called?


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