April 2016 Check-In

It finally feels like spring! Who’s excited!? I’m excited!

excited gif.gif

Actually, that’s a big GD lie, and here’s why. It doesn’t feel like spring! Because Alabama. No. Instead, it went from cold to Satan’s armpit, basically all in the course of one day. So it’s pretty hot and muggy and miserable, which fine, except that we’re nowhere near peak temperatures for summer yet.

But you didn’t come here to hear me complain about the weather! We’re here to talk about Blog Business.

lets get down to business gif

So first order, I do have a lot of post typed up and basically ready to go; it’s simply a matter of finding the time to post them. I’ve been busy and my schedule has been a little wacky. Also been trying out some new ways of managing my time, so yeah… But I promise I have more content for you that will hopefully be up soon!

Second, April retrospective. I did a lot more cooking, but most of it wasn’t anything I felt really deserved a space here? Mostly because majority were not original in the least. No spin from me, no nothing. But I did post some stuff!

As far as video games went, I devoted a lot more time to that! I played and beat Stories: The Path of Destinies, and that review will hopefully make it’s way over here soon. Then, remember how I said I was going to drop everything to play Bravely Second? I’m a liar!

See, what had happened was, I did that. I started the game (I’m really enjoying it so far!), but then this thing called Stardew Valley happened? Which I never should have started up right now because I know how I get about farming simulators. Well, then I made it to game year two, which actual story of the game only runs for about three, but then my anal retentiveness kicked in? So… I, uh, I may have restarted the game? So… that’s what’s happening there?

I also re-watched Red vs. Blue for about the 50th time. I say it’s in prep for s14, but… It’s really just because I have a problem. Then I also finally watched RWBY!

As far as going into May, I don’t have any big, set plans. Nothing that I have plans to play right away is coming out this month. I would say just be on the lookout for my backlog of posts I have prepared, as well as some stuff on Stardew Valley and, hopefully, Bravely Second. I would also say with the weather warming up, maybe I’ll be preparing some lighter fare that I can post to here.

RvB14 and Chibi RWBY starts this month! So considering maybe also rambling about those shows over here. I’ll have to figure out a way that works though due to the episode lengths.


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