May 2016 Check-in

Hello all! I hope this post finds you all well and happy! It’s once again that time – the monthly check-in!

Okay, seriously, where did the month go? One moment May is starting and now it’s almost over? As some of you may have noticed, it kind of slipped up on me. I had been sitting on all kinds of posts that I just couldn’t find the time to actually put up, but then I realized how late in the month it was! So in hopes of a fresh start for May, I threw them all up over the course of two days.

May wasn’t busy per say, but I did somehow constantly find time slipping away from me. I think it had a lot to do with my wacky work schedule this month. There was a lot going on with my job that just had me all kinds of off. That should hopefully not be happening much any more, so back to some sort of normal routine. I really would like to get back to posting maybe once a week, at least.

I didn’t play a whole lot in May. Mostly, my Stardew Valley addiction continued. However, I finally made it to year three, which is where I promised myself  I would wrap it up, so expect a review for that soon. Also, in “finishing” Stardew Valley, I finally have started playing Bravely Second in earnest. I am absolutely loving it so far!

Other plans for June? Well, I know No Man’s Sky was supposed to be coming out, but I heard it might be delayed? Not sure. Either way, it was another one of those impulse pre-orders, so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully much better than my last impulse pre-order (*cough*Stories*cough*).

Also, I had talked before of maybe doing something in regards to RWBY Chibi and Red vs Blue, and I’m thinking I’ll be doing spoilerific reviews once a month for each show. That should give plenty of content to cover for each show despite episode length. Expect the first round of those some time soon.

So yeah, super boring check-in this month, but I’m sleepy and distracted after a good dinner and with the RT Podcast on, so this is where we are. Lots of love, and here’s to what will hopefully be a more reasonably productive month!


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