RWBY Chibi review – Episodes 1-4

RWBY Chibi, for those of you not in the know, is Rooster Teeth’s totes adorbs spin off of their hit anime RWBY. Nothing serious or canonical to be found here, just good, old fashioned fluff and funny, which quite frankly we needed after the heartbreaking end of Volume 3. Either way, I’m setting out to review these adorable little shorts, and in this post will be covering episodes 1-4.

Spoilers ahoy, my friends! We’ve got cuties to discuss! Also, please note that the section titles are by no means the for real titles of these episodes. Each short has it’s own name within the episode.

Episode 1 – How to Break a Few Eggs

So first off, we’re treated to the beleaguered attempts of Ruby making cookies. As half this blog is cooking, I’m slightly concerned for the poor girl… And uh…. Also, whoever left her alone in the kitchen? I’m not so sure she’s made cookies as much as cement. Next time, maybe she should just go buy some Chips-Ahoy.

Next up finds us playing…. Pin the Weiss on the… Donkey? Well then! Not sure who’s throwing her, but their aim could be a little better. Granted, since Yang is obviously in the room from her shout of “Miss!” I think it might be safe to say that it’s her. I guess when you’re basically punching people with your guns, aim isn’t a big priority.

Oh goodness… Ruby finding Blake’s copy of Ninjas in Love…. I would say something about she’s too young for that mess, but let’s be real. All we’re honestly witnessing is the birth of a fanfic writer. The only true question is whether she’ll write fic about Ninjas in Love or if she’ll go the Tina Belcher route and write friend fiction (she’d totally write Neptune/Sun fic).

Ah the problems of the chibi t-rex arms. Weiss and Yang face off only for Yang to realize that even after getting rid of Weiss’s weapon, she just. Can’t. Reach! It’s all good though. Weiss lets her guard down in favor of mocking Yang, and considering the lack of Weiss for the rest of the episode, I think it’s totally safe to say Yang knocks her into next week.

Ah, Ruby, for shame, for shame. Kink-shaming Blake and then running away with her book. That’s just adding insult to injury, man!

Episode 2 – The Cat in the Cradle

Ah TV time, the true bonding activity of all roommates. Granted, not sure how often people actually watch the news during TV bonding time, but hey, if I kept winding up embroiled in political and drug plots, I might watch the news too. Maybe it would help avoid those very scenarios!

Ah man, you guys, not cool. Thinking Blake is a cat burglar just because she’s part cat? That’s profiling! …Granted, cats are notorious kleptos. I’ve lost enough hair ties to know that.

Aw Weiss, how cute, you are an ice-skating princess! Or maybe just someone who shouldn’t go to pools, considering how she’s frozen everyone into it and just skated circles around them. Weiss, we really need to work on your social graces. Also, totally have a new headcanon that Weiss can’t swim.

And what is RWBY, even RWBY Chibi, without a fight scene! This time, we have Blake versus Yang, and it looks like-! Oh, wait, no, never mind. False alarm. They’re just making a jump rope for Ruby, who happens to be reciting a particularly cruel rhyme at Jaune’s expense. Adding insult to quite literal injury, it’s just as Jaune’s hobbling up on crutches and in a cast. I’d almost feel sorry for him, except why was he anywhere that Blake’s books were left around anyway?

What’re you up to, Juane?


Awwwww, Bumblebee! Yang offering a particularly unimpressed Blake some yarn. The… romantic?… gesture is totally ruined by Ruby, because of course little sisters, who may be the real cat in the room.

Awwwwwwwwwww! CHIBI ZWEI! And Blake hiding from him in impossible places, as cats do.

Episode 3 – You’ve Got Mail

Jaune calling Weiss to ask her out is just painful on all the levels. He’s so awkward. I would mock him further over how he slips and falls over nothing while leaving her a voicemail, but come on now, who hasn’t been there?

Cut to Ruby firing dust rounds like gamer woman possessed. She fires off ice; she fires off fire; and then she fires off gravity, and I’m reminded of that one time in Resident Evil 4 when I first got the unlimited rocket launcher and promptly blew myself up.

Back to Jaune we go, as he leaves another voicemail for Weiss, griping how she hasn’t called him back. I know he’s having a moment of insecurity, and since I’m sure I’ve been there before, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, we all know Jaune is an actual nice guy, and not a “Nice Guy.”

More Bumblebee! They’re playing tag, at which Yang is losing miserably. It must be infuriating to have a girlfriend who can always beat you at your favorite games.

Aaaaaaand back to Jaune, yelling into his phone as he leaves another voicemail for Weiss. “If you were here right now, I’d give you a piece of my mind!” Oh Jaune, why you gotta tempt fate like that? Of course Weiss is going to show up at just that moment! Also, of course she lost her scroll. God, I swear, Jaune is the young, awkward (male) version of me when I had a crush! Except he has the guts to actually destroy her scroll… Cuz, ya know, totally doesn’t look insane or anything. Here’s hoping voicemails are only stored locally on their scrolls and that it was all worth it!

And poor Weiss. I know that face. That is the face we all make when we break our phones.

More Zwei! If normal corgis are adorable (which they are), chibi corgis are more adorable than we have ever done enough to deserve! And as he wanders back out, we find poor Blake hiding in the freezer. More and more, she is my cat.

Episode 4 – Yang and Ruby’s Bad Day

We open this episode with an epic battle, though of a very different kind than RWBY traditionally sports – a video game showdown between Ruby and Yang! They’re deadlocked in a tie! This next match will be the decider! But oh no! Yang is distracted by Zwei dragging around a comatose Blake! As Yang tries to get her dog to let her girlfriend go, Ruby throws Yang’s controller out the window and blazes to – oh, no. Looks like we are about to have a traditional RWBY showdown on our hands, after all, folks!

Next up, an ice sculpting contest. Ruby gives it the old, college try, toiling away with her hammer and chisel. Meanwhile, contestant Weiss uses dust to sculpt her statute, which is almost surely cheating! Then we have contestant Blake who just makes an ice clone of herself! That’s probably also cheating! Can’t say I blame Ruby for throwing down her tools and stomping away.

And more cat jokes. The well-meaning Yang, in a gesture of actual kindness, buys Blake a tea set. As she’s explaining her reasoning behind the gift, Blake turns this into an unboxing video, only to then box herself back up, showing no interest in the actual gift. I mean… It’s not an inaccurate commentary on cat culture.

You know, I’m starting to simultaneously feel bad for Yang while also thinking maybe her friends should talk her into some anger management classes. While Yang tries to play a video game, the remaining members of Team RWBY begin poking her with sticks. That is not a metaphor, my friends. They are literally poking Yang with sticks. It’s not long before Yang snaps, her semblance firing up! Also, apparently, not a metaphor, as everyone begins roasting marshmallows.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m enjoying RWBY Chibi. It’s a nice little piece of cotton candy fluff that will serve as a buffer between the pain that was season 3 and the pain that is sure to come with season 4. Some clips are definitely more to my taste than others, but I’m not the sole audience, so that’s fine! It’s a fun little weekend romp.

The style of the show doesn’t lend very well to reviews, but I had said I would be writing this up. Not even sure if this is anything anyone but me cares about, so if you’d like to see more, let me know! Tentative plan is to do one of these every four episodes, since the episodes are so short. If there’s a good response, I’ll probably try and get on a more set in stone release structure for them. Otherwise, it sort of remains that I’m just doing this for me, and I’ll likely stick to just getting them out as I can.


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