Monthly Check In – June 2016

Another month gone. Where does the time go?

We’re gonna do a quick check in this month, you guys. I go on vacation in a couple of days, and chronic procrastinator that I am, of course I still have ALL THE THINGS(!!!) left to do.

June was a decent month. More cooking was done. E3, that’s a things that happened! And I do have a Resident Evil 7 demo impression for you guys that I will hopefully get posted before week’s end.

So looking forward, let’s talk cooking and then we’ll talk gaming.

I have a blueberry and oatmeal cookie recipe to get up here. I’m sure there will be more as the month progresses. I’ll likely wind up doing some creative cooking while on my trip, but we’ll see. I’m trying hard to get back on the healthy and mindful horse, which means more wholesome cooking. And just more cooking in general! But convenience is just so convenient, so we’ll see what the future holds as it happens.

Gaming! Well, as previously stated, I have an RE7 demo impression that needs to be tweaked and posted. Hoping to get that up before I go out of town. I also beat Bravely Second yesterday! It was pretty good game, and I will get a proper review posted at some point. Likely won’t happen before I go on my trip, so maybe after? Definitely after if not before. My next gaming journey? I bought Romancing SaGa for the PS2. Kicking it old school! I’ve never played any of this series before so… Hopefully it’s good? If it isn’t, it only cost me like eight bucks. I’ve definitely wasted way more on super shitty games, so… Not much to lose.

This wound up being a little longer than I intended, so away I go! There are mountains of laundry to be done!



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