September 2016 check-in

I apologize for not posting last week and being a day late this week! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, to say the least. However, I posted a game impression to make up for last week, so check that out! I finally got with the times and played Journey!

Dragon*Con was a blast! Other than getting overheated the first day and having to return to the hotel early so I could be sick and sleep forever. But, ya know, I wound up seeing the panel I really wanted to see that day, so all’s well that ends well, I guess. My Yang cosplay was a hit!

Didn’t wind up doing Tifa on Sunday because reasons, but still had fun!

Been keeping busy. Trying to cook more. Played lots of awesome games that I can’t wait to talk about! Have time to play a lot more off the wall things since the big releases have been postponed. Currently playing Gravity Rush. It’s weird, but fun! Except for the occasional feelings of motion sickness.

No post next week, as I will yet again be out of town, so I’ll see you guys in two weeks!


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