Red vs Blue s14 Review – Episodes 1-4

If you know me at all, you probably wouldn’t think Red vs Blue is something I’m interested in in the least. The crass humor isn’t normally my scene, I couldn’t care less about the Halo games or lore, and I usually prefer more strong ladies in my cast than RvB, especially the early episodes, sports. However, we can all blame my very first boyfriend for getting me hooked on the show at an impressionable age. Really though, the backstory here is quite irrelevant. The whole point I want to make is this: RvB14 is here, ladies and gentlefolk! So without further ado, the spoilerific review of episodes 1-4! Continue reading


RWBY Chibi review – Episodes 1-4

RWBY Chibi, for those of you not in the know, is Rooster Teeth’s totes adorbs spin off of their hit anime RWBY. Nothing serious or canonical to be found here, just good, old fashioned fluff and funny, which quite frankly we needed after the heartbreaking end of Volume 3. Either way, I’m setting out to review these adorable little shorts, and in this post will be covering episodes 1-4.

Spoilers ahoy, my friends! We’ve got cuties to discuss! Also, please note that the section titles are by no means the for real titles of these episodes. Each short has it’s own name within the episode. Continue reading