September 2016 check-in

I apologize for not posting last week and being a day late this week! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, to say the least. However, I posted a game impression to make up for last week, so check that out! I finally got with the times and played Journey!

Dragon*Con was a blast! Other than getting overheated the first day and having to return to the hotel early so I could be sick and sleep forever. But, ya know, I wound up seeing the panel I really wanted to see that day, so all’s well that ends well, I guess. My Yang cosplay was a hit!

Didn’t wind up doing Tifa on Sunday because reasons, but still had fun!

Been keeping busy. Trying to cook more. Played lots of awesome games that I can’t wait to talk about! Have time to play a lot more off the wall things since the big releases have been postponed. Currently playing Gravity Rush. It’s weird, but fun! Except for the occasional feelings of motion sickness.

No post next week, as I will yet again be out of town, so I’ll see you guys in two weeks!


August 2016 Check In

I don’t believe I did a check-in last month, so… this is way overdue? Basically though, going to try and leave this mostly short and sweet.

I have been terrible about keeping regular updates. As such, I plan to try and nail down a posting schedule. The plan from here on out is going to be updates every Saturday, with the occasional exceptions. The first of those being next Saturday, as I will be out of town for DragonCon. Which, by the way, if you’re there, hit me up! Current plan is cosplay Yang Xiao Long on Saturday and Tifa Lockhart on Sunday. This is pretty solid, so probably no deviations from that unless something serious/unavoidable comes up.

But back on track! I have a whole lot of game reviews pending, but I also know I’ve kind of been neglecting the health side of this blog. Also, the two aren’t quite married together. Probably plan to try and refocus some energy on those things, as well.

So that’s where we stand going into September! Over all trying to refocus energy and make this blog something better and shinier.

If there’s anything else you guys would like to see from me, let me know! I’m open to suggestions!

Not The Cat’s Meow – Catlateral Damage review

Catlateral Damage

Developer: Chris Chung | Publiser: N/A | Available On: PC, OS X, Linux, OUYA, Razer Forge TV, PlayStation 4 (reviewed), HTC Vive | Release Date: May 27, 2015 (PC, OS X, Linux); June 11, 2015 (OUYA); February 18, 2016 (Razer Forge TV); March 22, 2016 (PS4); May 27, 2016 (Vive)

Catlateral Damage is a simulation game that lets you play as a cat whose sole purpose in life is knock shit over and fuck things up. Which, let’s be honest, is that not the sole purpose of every cat? In theory, it seems like a blast. A super simple yet fun concept that I can’t believe didn’t come up sooner. When I first found out about this game before its PS4 release, I was freaking pumped about it, consumate cat lady that I am. However, it wasn’t until recently that I justified the purchase to myself, and I almost wish I hadn’t. This is one of those things that just seems to be good in concept but rather poor in execution.

Visuals & Gameplay

Visually, I don’t have much to complain about. It looks cartoon-y and cute, and that seems fitting for this kind of game. The layout of the levels remind me a quite a bit of Katamari, which is definitely not a bad thing.

Gameplay wise, that’s where it starts to fall apart. There are different game modes, but they all equate to the same idea – create chaos. Which fine, good! That’s what I signed up for! However, I couldn’t play for more than an hour without getting incredibly motion sick. Basically the kind of sick that incapacitates a person for hours. I honestly don’t think anything has made me that sick in years, especially not a game. Sickness aside, between wild swinging of the camera and the lack of responsiveness for button pushes and objects in the environment, there’s literally nothing about this play experience that feels good. As a matter of fact, I don’t even want to begin to try and comprehend what this plays like on the Vive. I can’t imagine the level of sick I would be with that when it was already so bad on just a console experience.

To add to the already less than pleasant play experience, the play sessions are interrupted by timed events that get you bonuses for completing them. This would be fine and actually pretty fun if not for the aforementioned misery that is the game’s mechanics. Completing the events becomes a chore that makes it almost impossible to complete the actual objectives of the level.

Characters, Story, & Atmosphere

There really isn’t very much to say here, which is fine, that’s the nature of this game and in no way is that a complaint. All there really is to talk about is atmosphere, which that’s fairly good! It’s vibrant and fun looking and reminds me a little bit of the Katamari series in its delivery. Which, hey! I love Katamari!

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t make me happy to give this game this kind of review. I was excited. I really wanted to play it and love it and use it as a palate cleanser between more in-depth games. Unfortunately, I found next to nothing honestly enjoyable about my experience with this game, and have no want to even give it a seond shot due solely to how sick it made me. When I first started the game up, I felt like it would have been a great VR experience, but after how sick I got, it kind of makes me cringe that it’s on the Vive.

This should have been a fun review full of cat puns. Instead, all I’m left with is the memory of laying face down on my couch and groaning in misery. If you have a spotless record of no motion sickness ever in your life, maybe try it if you’re that determined? But I just can’t recommend this game at all. And that makes me sad.

Monthly Check In – June 2016

Another month gone. Where does the time go?

We’re gonna do a quick check in this month, you guys. I go on vacation in a couple of days, and chronic procrastinator that I am, of course I still have ALL THE THINGS(!!!) left to do.

June was a decent month. More cooking was done. E3, that’s a things that happened! And I do have a Resident Evil 7 demo impression for you guys that I will hopefully get posted before week’s end.

So looking forward, let’s talk cooking and then we’ll talk gaming.

I have a blueberry and oatmeal cookie recipe to get up here. I’m sure there will be more as the month progresses. I’ll likely wind up doing some creative cooking while on my trip, but we’ll see. I’m trying hard to get back on the healthy and mindful horse, which means more wholesome cooking. And just more cooking in general! But convenience is just so convenient, so we’ll see what the future holds as it happens.

Gaming! Well, as previously stated, I have an RE7 demo impression that needs to be tweaked and posted. Hoping to get that up before I go out of town. I also beat Bravely Second yesterday! It was pretty good game, and I will get a proper review posted at some point. Likely won’t happen before I go on my trip, so maybe after? Definitely after if not before. My next gaming journey? I bought Romancing SaGa for the PS2. Kicking it old school! I’ve never played any of this series before so… Hopefully it’s good? If it isn’t, it only cost me like eight bucks. I’ve definitely wasted way more on super shitty games, so… Not much to lose.

This wound up being a little longer than I intended, so away I go! There are mountains of laundry to be done!


May 2016 Check-in

Hello all! I hope this post finds you all well and happy! It’s once again that time – the monthly check-in!

Okay, seriously, where did the month go? One moment May is starting and now it’s almost over? As some of you may have noticed, it kind of slipped up on me. I had been sitting on all kinds of posts that I just couldn’t find the time to actually put up, but then I realized how late in the month it was! So in hopes of a fresh start for May, I threw them all up over the course of two days.

May wasn’t busy per say, but I did somehow constantly find time slipping away from me. I think it had a lot to do with my wacky work schedule this month. There was a lot going on with my job that just had me all kinds of off. That should hopefully not be happening much any more, so back to some sort of normal routine. I really would like to get back to posting maybe once a week, at least.

I didn’t play a whole lot in May. Mostly, my Stardew Valley addiction continued. However, I finally made it to year three, which is where I promised myself  I would wrap it up, so expect a review for that soon. Also, in “finishing” Stardew Valley, I finally have started playing Bravely Second in earnest. I am absolutely loving it so far!

Other plans for June? Well, I know No Man’s Sky was supposed to be coming out, but I heard it might be delayed? Not sure. Either way, it was another one of those impulse pre-orders, so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully much better than my last impulse pre-order (*cough*Stories*cough*).

Also, I had talked before of maybe doing something in regards to RWBY Chibi and Red vs Blue, and I’m thinking I’ll be doing spoilerific reviews once a month for each show. That should give plenty of content to cover for each show despite episode length. Expect the first round of those some time soon.

So yeah, super boring check-in this month, but I’m sleepy and distracted after a good dinner and with the RT Podcast on, so this is where we are. Lots of love, and here’s to what will hopefully be a more reasonably productive month!

April 2016 Check-In

It finally feels like spring! Who’s excited!? I’m excited!

excited gif.gif

Actually, that’s a big GD lie, and here’s why. It doesn’t feel like spring! Because Alabama. No. Instead, it went from cold to Satan’s armpit, basically all in the course of one day. So it’s pretty hot and muggy and miserable, which fine, except that we’re nowhere near peak temperatures for summer yet.

But you didn’t come here to hear me complain about the weather! We’re here to talk about Blog Business.

lets get down to business gif

So first order, I do have a lot of post typed up and basically ready to go; it’s simply a matter of finding the time to post them. I’ve been busy and my schedule has been a little wacky. Also been trying out some new ways of managing my time, so yeah… But I promise I have more content for you that will hopefully be up soon!

Second, April retrospective. I did a lot more cooking, but most of it wasn’t anything I felt really deserved a space here? Mostly because majority were not original in the least. No spin from me, no nothing. But I did post some stuff!

As far as video games went, I devoted a lot more time to that! I played and beat Stories: The Path of Destinies, and that review will hopefully make it’s way over here soon. Then, remember how I said I was going to drop everything to play Bravely Second? I’m a liar!

See, what had happened was, I did that. I started the game (I’m really enjoying it so far!), but then this thing called Stardew Valley happened? Which I never should have started up right now because I know how I get about farming simulators. Well, then I made it to game year two, which actual story of the game only runs for about three, but then my anal retentiveness kicked in? So… I, uh, I may have restarted the game? So… that’s what’s happening there?

I also re-watched Red vs. Blue for about the 50th time. I say it’s in prep for s14, but… It’s really just because I have a problem. Then I also finally watched RWBY!

As far as going into May, I don’t have any big, set plans. Nothing that I have plans to play right away is coming out this month. I would say just be on the lookout for my backlog of posts I have prepared, as well as some stuff on Stardew Valley and, hopefully, Bravely Second. I would also say with the weather warming up, maybe I’ll be preparing some lighter fare that I can post to here.

RvB14 and Chibi RWBY starts this month! So considering maybe also rambling about those shows over here. I’ll have to figure out a way that works though due to the episode lengths.